Searching a string for a word?

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  • Is it possible to search a string for a word? I'm thinking of creating a complex AI, and i want to easily be able to add different skills to the AI. So for example, if i want him to be able to see in the dark, i would simply open his "atributes" string and write "NightVision". Then the code applies certain events for every enemy with nightvision! I could use a bunch of private values, and have for example the value "NightVision" set to 1 if it should apply to that enemy, but it would require more repetition, and be harder to organize. Searching for a word could be used in other ways too, so if it's not allready in construct i suggest you ad it to the to-do list!

  • This should be possible to do in Python.

    Something like this maybe

    if my_attribs.find("NightVision"):
            # Yay, I'm a cat!
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  • You can do this with the Compare Values condition and the Find() expression:

    Find("Source string, with different words", "different")

    different to


    would mean the word "different" existed in the source string.

  • Perfect. Thank you guys!

  • I'm bumping this thread now... so what? i don't care!

    eeh.. Is it possible to search for many words at the same time? Something like

    Find("Source string, with different words", "hello", "dude!")

    different to


    Exactly what i wrote seems to do something, but i can't figure out what it does.

  • Surely you could make that another condition in the event? Provided you wanted it to only run the event if BOTH words could be found.

  • The third parameter to Find is the index at which to start searching, but the expression validator accepts a string (eg. "55") but "dude!" will be converted to 0 so it doesn't do what you think... a bit dubious design on my part perhaps. Use a function or condition alias to search for several words at once, maybe.

  • Nice! I'll use the function now that you've told me how it worked. I used multiple conditions before, but one event was bigger then the screen, so it got kind of annoying. the function take up less space.

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