Just Want Me Some Scrolling Stars

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  • I have been doing some searches and tried pulling apart and reading the events, on some files like:

    I am trying to just get stars from top to bottom of screen scrolling, for a space shooter. I made three stars of different colors but I can not get them moving.

    Can someone point me to a star field tutorial or something that shows how to get started with some stars moving? Maybe tell me in steps how to make a simple one so I can try expanding from that?

    Once that is done, I should be able to throw in other spacial objects like a derelict ship, planet, asteroid to show up less frequently and in random locations as well.

    Thank you.

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  • something like this?


    comments are there in the cap file for some help.

    EDIT: Saw your PM, maybe the problem is that 'star' sprites are facing in the wrong direction. Try comparing your attempt and the example above, the rotating handle of the sprite in the above example is facing downwards and in Construct be default are facing towards right (so you have to change it)

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