Scrolling and advanced platforming

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  • Hey!

    I just followed deadeye's awesome platforming tutorial but something just doesn't want to work and it's the system scroling event.

    I set an "Always (every tick)" check in my main event sheet to run "System: Scroll to X "ScoutCOL".X", ScoutCOL being my sprite with the Platform behavior, but the camera just doesn't want to follow, like it does nicely in the tutorial...

    Other than that I'm starting to get a good grasp of the basic platforming mechanisms and I'm anticipating more advanced platforming tweaks; I'd like to create new platform main character parameters/states, things like recognizing acceleration/deceleration states, landings, turnarounds, and controlling acceleration on a jump curve. I reckon those are not include in the basic package, so where should I head first? Python all the way? Scripting tips? Just a broad idea so I'm learning in the good direction.

    Hey thanks a LOT for your time.

  • First thing to check is if you have the event sheet added to the layout. Then make sure nothing in the layout has "Center view on me" ticked. If it is only following some directions it might be because you need to set up the same thing but for the Y axis.

    Scroll to X "ScoutCOL".X" If this is how it is in your events you might want to look at taking the " out, i.e, ScoutCOL.X.

    That is all I can think of off the top of my head.

    Setting up the other things will take a bit of effort, but will be achievable within the standard events. Have a look into private variables to keep track of situations so you can assign animations to them.

  • Ah, found the "Center view on me" checkbox. I checked it with my character selected, but even that doesn't make the camera move! It just doesn't move at all... Do I need to create a camera entity or something?

    Yeah there are no " around scoutCOL, it's a typo from me...

    I don't expect to get to that level but "Fancy Pants" is my main inspiration. I'll check out the private variable possibilities.

    THanks man!

  • though i'm not sure about this since i haven't followed deadeye's tutorials but it may be happening because the unbound scrolling in the layout options maybe unchecked. It's is in the 'Project' tab, under the 'Layout' options select the layout in which your level and then check the 'Unbound Scrolling' option under 'Layout Properties'

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  • Ahhh cool! Fixed it thanks a lot.

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