Scroll layers independantly.

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  • Hi there,

    I've got my nav level to scroll around the level using the mouse. I then wanted to import it into my first level. I could do this using the layout object and it would work fine, but im more keen on using an inheritence layer and including the event sheet. This way the nav can be overlayed on my game with a transparent background. It will also be easier to work with if its all on one frame and I wont have to use a load of variables.

    The problem is that when i scroll like this, It cannot scroll the nav layer independantly from the rest of the game, so it all messes up. My question is, can I scroll a layer independantly (much in the same way as we can currently zoom layers independatly)?

    EDIT - Turns out using the layout object doesn't work properly either. The scrolling is messed up and it doesn't zoom from the center...

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