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  • In Multimedia fusion 1.5 and highest is very good extension- 'Screen capture object' (it is making screenshot of our screen). Is in Construct something like this??? I really need it!!!

  • AltGr + Print screen grabs the current window. Cropping the game area shouldn't be too much of a hassle after that. I don't know whether there's a screen grabbing plugin as I've never needed one myself.

  • I would like the game to automatically make a montage of the game run thru. Because it cannot grab the screen, it would seem this cannot be done currently in Construct, correct? I can see it being done easily with a canvas & imageManipulator, but that's a big canvas for something so trivial. Python can do this correct?

  • I would like to do screenshot without using Alt+PrintScreen. And, I want all screen area (desktop, icons) in my screenshot, no only application window! In multimedia fusion is special extension - Capture Screen object... How about Construct?

  • Yes, you can do this with Python.

  • Thanx man! But... must I install this all libraries, python language and more different programs on another computers where I want to launch my application, for example on my friend computer?

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  • But... must I install this all libraries, python language and more different programs on another computers

    No, you don't have to install anything on your friends computer. If you read through the tut you will see that you run it just like any other Construct program. You just have to do a little more work to package things up. Here is a quick example of two screenshots tools I put together: One takes a screenshot of the desktop as soon as it is run, the other takes it when you click the button in the gui.

  • I try to run your example on my friend computer, and it's doesn't work . First, python26.dll is needed, so I copy this to your example directory. Next, I try to run it again and... (0xc0150002) error. Any sugestions? Thank you very much!

  • oops, I forgot to include the Python26.dll. I have uploaded a new version with the Dll. Try this one out:

    I tried this on a clean XP Sp2 system, just built with no Python installed and everything worked good. Also tried it on a system with Python installed and it worked. However, there have been a few rare cases where people couldn't get them to work.

    If it still has an error, could you run the Microsoft vcredist executable I now have in the directory? If that still fails to solve it please tell me what the full exact error message is? Also, what operating system is your friend using (XP, vista, 7?) and what service pack?

    EDit: Just uploaded new version so redownload the one with the vcredist executable in it.

  • Thx, but it's still not working without Python installed on the machine... When I try to run your application, I see a error-window:

    "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0150002). Click on OK to terminate the application".

    I installed PYTHON 2.6 and all libraries from article "python_library_tutorial_part2.pdf" and it's working good... But I want this working without Python installed on computer. Thanks!


    OK, I'm waiting for your new upload. If it will work good without installed python, can you write simple, short article for me, how to do this (I have example in *.cap, but when I create EXE file, it's not working). Thank you very much!!!

  • See my post before your. I just uploaded a new version with the vcredist and some new Dlls.

    Please remove Python26 and try the new version out first without installing the vcredist. If that doesn't work then try installing the redistributable. It is only 2mb so much better than installing Python.

    Ok, I duplicated your error message after I uninstalled Visual C++ on my XP system. I then installed the vcredist and that solved the error message.

    As far as releasing new instructions, that isn't necessary. Just follow everything in the tutorial and the only addition is to install the vcredist. If you don't want to install the vcredist then read the Part 1 tutorial where I discuss packaging your own msvcr90.dll and manifest file.

    Good luck!

  • I downloaded your new package and uninstalled Python 2.6 from my WindowsXP. IT'S WORKING CORRECTLY! Thank you, man!!!

    Now, I want to create my own application in Construct. I'm reading an article "python_library_tutorial_part2", I installed all nessesary programs - Python 2.6, GTK+ All In One, PyCairo, PyGObject and cx_Freeze... But... I don't understand this:

    "Go ahead and build an executable using cx_freeze. Now copy the file that was

    produced and paste it into the Construct/Data/Python directory. Finally, unzip this file into the


    I don't know how to build an executable using cx_freeze and how to get "".

  • Uh... isn't using python library solely for taking screenshots a bit excessive?

  • Sounds like you are close to getting the build to work. Here are the steps from where you are at.

    1. On page 3 of the Part 2 tutorial there is a Python script. You need to create a file called "" and copy the import lines of the script into that file. Read the Python_quickguide if you have not already.

    The file should have the imports:

    import sys

    import pygtk

    import gtk

    2. Once you have the script, you need to build a cx_freeze build script called "" like below in the same directory as the script you just created. This is shown in the Python_quickguide.

    from cx_Freeze import setup, Executable


    name = "screenshot",

    version = "0.1",

    description = "Basic screenshot example",

    executables = [Executable("")])

    3. Once you have done that, open up a command prompt, cd to your directory and run the tool:

    " build"

    4. This step produces the file and all of the other dependencies that you see I copied with the executable. You unzip the file into your Construct\Data\Python directory. The other dependencies you bundle with your executable. You might also have to bundle the vcredistributable as I was explaining earlier.

    Give the quickguide a short review and hopefully this all works!

  • Uh... isn't using python library solely for taking screenshots a bit excessive?

    Of course it is. but how else would you have him accomplish this? Write his own plugin in C++??

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