Screen Wrapping?

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  • Is it even possible to wrap the screen when it goes out of bounds of a layout, seamlessly? Because I want to make a game that allows the player to walk in one direction and end up coming back from the other side.

    Few things that needs consideration is that the screen resolution is 1024x768 while the actual layout is 2500x2500. Also the screen itself follows the player, which I also need to know how to do.

    Simply. Tell me how to wrap the screen and how to make the screen follow the player.

    I might be able to make the screen follow the player by simple means but if there were to be some kind of button or a function that does that please tell me.

  • I'm not sure about screen wrapping, but there is an easy pre-built option for screen following. Just go to the properties of your player object and check Groups > Attributes > Center view on.

    To set the screen size to 1024x768: First select the layout by going to the layout editor and clicking on any empty area. You should see the layout properties in the property panel on the left. At the bottom is a link to the application properties. Click that, and you should then see the width and height options under Window Properties.

  • Doesn't really solve my question but thanks anyway.

  • There is a wrap behavior that will automatically reposition objects to the other side of the screen when they go out of a layout, but you'd need to make every map object do this and have them move instead of the player for a seamless result.

  • Here you go:

    Collisions at the seams of the layout are the only technical issue that needs to be worked around. This is addressed in the example by extending the platforms at the edge of the layout a bit out of the layout.

  • ah ha. Thank you very much.

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  • and R0J0hound can any of you can tell me how to screen wrap. It’s like I want the camera to follow player every tick and when it reach at the end of the layout it should wrap, but while wrapping the screen should look like it is infinite. It should not wrap when player is outside layout but when it is inside.

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