Screen goes white while debugging? [Possible bug]

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  • The debugger's getting mad at me since an event or two is referencing an object that hasn't been created yet. Normally, that's not an issue -- just click "OK" when the message pops up and be on your way. But the screen goes completely white after that, and, well... that makes debugging rather difficult.

    Apparently I can "fix" that by walking around blindly until I get killed; when the layout restarts, it doesn't happen again. But as you'd imagine, that's an annoying step that really shouldn't have to be there.

    Any ideas?

    EDIT: This also happens sometimes upon dying and restarting the layout, not in debug mode. And no transitions are being used.

  • Are you using transitions?

  • I don't think so... But it happens in the middle of one layout, not when changing, so would that even affect anything?

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  • Need more detailed information chap. Or a cap. So far I have, debug, click through messages, screen goes blank. Die, restart, screen is viewable. Which makes me think it is something at the start of the layout, and transitions cause random errors at 'start of'. But now you say it happens in the middle of the layout?

    So, where and when is it happening, and how regularly? Every time at one place?

    What is blank? White? Black? See through?

    If your code is in groups or multiple event sheets, disable/remove one at a time and see if it still happens.

    And no matter what you do, find out if you are using transitions and turn them off.

  • Alright, I thought I got this problem to go away, but it's back and worse than before. In debug mode, the problem is these items that come out of blocks you can hit. Several events are used to control their movement when you hit the blocks, but since the items are created during run-time, the debugger complains that no such object exists right BEFORE you hit the block, which is right BEFORE the item is created. When that message pops up, I click "OK", and suddenly the screen is completely white. I'm still playing, there's still sound effects, I just can't see anything at all. If I run around and get myself killed, it goes back to normal upon restarting, and the message doesn't come up again.

    Now, the problem is ALSO occurring upon restarting the layout when I die. It doesn't happen every time (normally I have to die twice before it comes up), but it's still far too often to be acceptable. I'm not using any transitions, so I don't know what else it could be. I'll try disabling groups one at a time, but I don't think that'll change much.

    EDIT: The problem ALSO happens in debug mode if you're using the scroll bar and hold onto it for more than a few seconds. This has to be a bug...

  • yes, I've noticed that, ironically, debug mode seems to be buggy.

    my experience was simpler to track down though. a certain cap I had would always get a "crash intercepted in plugin 's' " , and then shut down in debug mode. run it normally(not in debug mode), and there was no crash.

    unless rOjo pulls one of his astounding feats of magic, I wouldn't hold my breath for this to be fixed, because it sounds difficult to track down. I think the easiest way to get around this is to create your own debugging, like creating text objects that hover about each object in question and output the information you're looking to monitor. Or if it's a global thing you're looking for like the number of instances, make a text object on a separate layer, so it's always on screen with the system object count expression, or whatever applies to your situation.

  • Yeah, I didn't think the debug problem is something I'd be able to find a fix for... At least now I know I'm not the only one who gets that issue. I can live with that, however annoying it is, but the thing where the screen goes white OUTSIDE of debug mode is a much bigger problem -- I made an .exe file and it still happened, so that means my final game would randomly turn completely white. That's not something I can ignore.

    By the way, your signature is hypnotic... I've been staring at it this whole time typing with the quick reply thing. Looks like somepony's got good taste in TV shows.

  • yeah, you might want to post a cap.

    also, depending on the size of your cap

    you could try erasing chunks of it, until it stops happening, and then when it does, undo that last erase, and start erasing piece by piece until you find the answer

    if you're using white layouts (the default)

    it sounds like the problem could be camera related. maybe you're following an object that either disappears, or causes some kind of invalid state for the camera, and it's scrolling to -400,400 or something and all you're seeing is some random spot outside your layout?

    and awesome to see more bronies coming forward

  • I got the idea earlier that it might be the camera (using MagiCam), but I couldn't see what the problem might be... At your suggestion though, I went back, looked at it, change one tiny thing, and it hasn't happened since. Killed myself twenty times in a row and it restarted perfectly every time.

  • awesome.

  • This same problem is happening for me. All I have in the layout is a single scrolling tiledbackground and a player sprite that moves left/right with the arrow keys.


    This was driving me crazy and I thought I wouldn't be able to use this product anymore. Since disabling WebGL have not seen it happen.

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