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  • Hello, I wanted to make a scoreboard using sprites maybe there are better ways to do it but I did it for learning purposes. please let me know how it works and how could I improve it.

    here is a screen:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    and here is the file:

    the file contains comments on how it works

  • I can't open the CAP, because I am in my office.

    I am just guessing in the dark and maybe it will help you =))

    Do you have 3 sprites with 10 animationframes and 2 private variables?

    If not ... that's the way I would do .. the animationframe (0, 1, 2, 3, etc) would be similar to the picture of the the digit. By pressing a button you will add the value to the variable and per code you say "If var = 0 set frame 0" or "if var = 9 set frame 9" ...

    If it will be 10 or higher you can add "if var >=10 make -10 and add 1 to var of sprite Nr 2" and the same for the second sprite.

    Hope that helped!

    Best regards

  • That's already a fine effort there, using the mid expression and of course functions like it should be.

    However there are a few things to improve, like your use of different sprites for every digit of the score.

    A pretty universal integration of sprite numbers (in this case it's to display damage) can be found in this blog article: We Construct Blog Forum rescue #004: Bitmap font damage

  • Yeah mid's the way to go. I made an example that uses the expression, and maps the sprite frames that way.


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  • thanks for the coments, actually at first I wanted to use loops but couldn't make it work. i'll be checking the examples

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