Scaling textures for/with shaders.

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  • Hi everyone,

    I've done some shaders these days and right now i'd like to improve my blurring techniques... in order to create a bloom shader, I need a huge kernel (and a bunch of pixel weights) to get a satisfying result; but it's too expansive. Moreover, i'd like to reduce the number of instructions i use for my gaussian blur shader and get a better result (right now 7 samples). To do so, i need to scale down my textures, backgrounds or so. Is there a way to do that in hlsl please ? In construct ?

    Thanks in advance.

    By the way, should I release my effects to the community ? I'm creating a bunch of shaders that can be use with construct's events for cinematics (desaturate, blur with controllable range, color shift depending on world position, and all that kind of stuff).

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  • ...blur with controllable range...

    You'd make a bunch of people happy if you released that one. People have been wanting that for quite a while.

  • Ok, i'll give it right away.

    EDIT : done. That's strange that nobody already did this. You only need a float value from construct, which is explained in the wiki.

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