Saving progress of completed levels

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  • So I have this game set up, I am going to have 12 levels in total for it and each level will be selectable from the title screen in the form of numbers. I want it so that when the player completes a level the corresponding number to that level on the title screen is highlighted, indicating completion of the level. But I also want that when the player completes the level 100% (finding all the collectables) the number on the title screen is highlighted in a different colour.

    So I want to put this system in so that when the player comes back to the game after quitting, from the title screen he can see the levels he has completed, 100% completed and also not completed. But I have totally no idea how to do this. Does anyone have any advice or anywhere you can direct me to which could solve this?

    Much thanks,


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  • I think that the Array, Hash Table, and INI objects would all be fine for such a thing. They all support reading/writing to disk for persistence.

    Since .ini files are quite commonly used to store options and such anyway, I made an example using that. It's hard to put it in the same context as it would be used in a game, but the principles of what you'd need to do are there.

    Check out the event sheet to see what it does.

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