Saving data, array or ini ?

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  • Hi All

    I�ve looked through the forum and was wondering what the best approach to achieve the following.

    I�m attempting to write a small formation editor to record x,y Sprites values for a game I�m writing and was wondering what the best format to write the data back to, array's, or ini files? The editor will eventually save x,y positions of a sprite and reuse this data at runtime on different sprites. A typicall level will require quite a bit of data recall to position different sprites at various posistions on a level. Would you use one array ini file for lots of data, or would you use multiple arrays or ini files? What would be considered an efficient method to save this data?



  • The plugin is more aimed at advanced users, but the 's' plugin has a lot of functions you might find useful, there's a level editor tutorial that explains how to do pretty much what you just said in only 4 events if you're up to learning how the plugin works

  • Thanks lucid, I will take a look at your plugin.

  • Hi Lucid,

    I installed your plug-in and the first set of tuts work nicely but the level editor crashes every time I run the layout which is a shame since your plug-in looks to be exactly what I'm after. I installed 99.62 and 99.84 builds of construct and various s plug-in downloads from your plug-in thread, but no joy with getting the level editor work. Any ideas?

  • ...and various s plug-in downloads from your plug-in thread, but no joy with getting the level editor work. ...

    Did you try the most actual one?

    from this post:

  • Hi tulamide, Yeah been through the whole thread and tried that version as well. I keep getting a runtime error.


    Runtime error


    A crash inside a plugin's action has been intercepted! This may be a bug in the plugin, or a problem in Construct. The application has exited. Available details of the location of the problem are below (this may be approximate).

    Plugin: s.csx

    Object name: S

    Event 1 in event sheet 'Layout 1 events'

    Action: 3

    Instance: 1 (of 1)




    deleting action 3 the game runs but minus level

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  • That's crazy. There is nothing wrong with the cap. All events should work just fine, if the version of 's' is accurate (older versions don't work). I just loaded the cap again with Construct .62 and .84 and the newest version of 's', and it works like a charm.

    Did you install manually? If so, maybe you replaced s in \plugins\ but not the runtime version under \plugins\runtime\ ?

  • I reinstalled everything and downloaded the editor again and its working. Thanks for your help

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