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  • Hello, I have one new problem, I managed to create a backup system with a list box. I have a menu and when I click on the text back, it opens me a window and I EDITTEXT brand name can I validate my backup with a small button. Then read the list box all files backed up, and displays a part one, inside. Then when I double click on one of these backups to the list box, the game instructs me well the party in question. But then you would tell me, where is the problem? Well, after the third time I load on a party, the application stops with the following message: Temp2.exe has stopped working

    Yet it is not too annoying because you can always leave the game save and reload the game.

    But a bigger problem occurs after my tests, I discovered that my backups yesterday can not be reused because the game crashes when I double click it: there came a crash to contact Support for any information on this subject. ...

    I also did not file extension, so I tried to registered with the. txt, it does not change, it is not the file extension is the cause. Still, I do not understand why when I load a part twice, he is not able to do it again from the third time! And I do not understand why one day the backup can be loaded, and the next day not

    Help me please !

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