Save & Load InputSystem Configuration

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  • I've been trying all day and cannot get this to work

    i also tried exactly as it is in the InputSystem examples.

    what i think happens, is that whenever it saves it just adds to the already existing text, and then loads the beginning of it and disregard the rest. i DID add the file delete action, so i dont know.

    this is the same as the example

    + Button_Save: On Button_Save clicked

    -> File: Delete file "InputSystem.cfg"

    -> Binary: Write string InputSystem.GetControlConfigData

    -> Binary: Save to file "InputSystem.cfg"

    + Button_Load: On Button_Load clicked

    -> Binary: Open file "InputSystem.cfg"

    -> InputSystem: Set control configuration data to Binary.ReadString

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  • Hmm, maybe it won't overwrite because the program currently has it open? I've not toyed around with this plugin yet, so I'm not certain of anything else that could be blocking the edits.

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