Safe to save after invalid argument?

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  • So, I'm still working on my game in 99.72, as I don't feel like dealing with the various random changes in my game which newer versions introduce. That said, the invalid argument bug still crashes the IDE sometimes. When it happens, the screen blinks and I know that any clicks after the flash will kill the IDE. "Save as" usually just makes the program die and I lose all progress. However, when I press save it seems to save the file just fine. Does anyone know if it's safe to save the file when the IDE is in that "death state". It seems to work fine, but I just want to know if anyone has ever had any problems with this.

  • I didn't have any problems with it in XP, but after tying it in vista it messed my game up. I would recommend upgrading anyway - I continually upgraded and there wasn't that much to fix, and my game is like 7000 events.

  • how exactly did it mess your game up?

  • Don't remember well, but the game was malfunctioning in multiple ways at runtime. I recommend upgrading for peace of mind.

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  • Even though I saved, it seems to be working just fine (I have Vista). I think I'll just continue in this .cap. Quazi saves all the time when that happens to him in his .caps and they haven't had any problems I can think of. I will eventually upgrade if things don't work out or get too annoying.

  • Keep lots of backups Davioware! Don't let the magnificence become corrupted.

  • I have never made a backup of any of my .caps, ever. It'll probably take a corruption until I realise that making backups is a little bit easier than rebuilding from scratch.

  • Keep lots of backups Davioware! Don't let the magnificence become corrupted.

    Lol don't worry, I have a backup for every single time I saved the file. Over 300 files.

  • I back up everything. Plenty of caps, and 2 or 3 times a month I upload the entire game folder(all art and assets etc) to drop box. I would be very upset if i lost what I have worked on.

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