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  • Ashely-

    I know you must be getting tired of these runtime error topics... but...

    I added a platform movement to my character's detector and one other event, that's all I have.

    When I try to run the layout, it crashes.

    PC Specs:

    XP Pro SP2

    AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual

    1.62 Gig Ram

    GeForce 8400 GS


    here's the .cap:

  • Argh, ignoring the runtime issue I continued to work on the game (actually just adding another sprite), and i encountered the "unable to save file thing" and construct crashed!

  • If this .cap runtime errors every time, there's a good chance it can solve a large bug in Construct.

    Be happy!


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  • That's great news! I've been unable to run anything made on my PC with construct, yet not other people's .caps!

  • Just be to sure, perhaps you could run a memory test on your machine? Bad RAM can be the cause of any number of strange things that often go improperly diagnosed.

  • Yeah my pc's good to go, actually just built it not too long ago

  • Yeah my pc's good to go, actually just built it not too long ago

    Not running any mis-matched RAM in there? Also make sure that your CPU and RAM are running at the correct clock speed and not over/under clocked... this can also cause stability issues.

    Does your computer do any other weird stuff like freeze, crash randomly, or reboot itself without warning? If not, then it could be "just one of those things".

    Hopefully we can figure it out because after seeing your pixel art I want to see some of the games you can come up with

  • I've had a play and it seems the initial problem is because you've enabled fullscreen with an unsupported resolution (900x600, which my card at least doesn't support).

    After I disabled that I deleted objects till it worked, seems the problem is 'SpankyBoot', in which you have set up animations in an unsupported way. There must be one root animation at least with at least 1 angle or frame.

    Neither of these problems should crash (so thanks for finding the problems), but once they are fixed everything works.

  • SoldjahBoy: Thanks for the compliment! And ram isn't exaclty matched but it's okay (trust me )

    Rich: Agh my resolution...not my resolution...!

    About the animations in general, I will admit I am a little confused for how these are handled in Construct. I'll have to play around with it and figure it out. I'm getting over Game Factory's animation system lol. The file has the "critical error" message when I try to update and save, so I'll rebuild! Thank you for looking into this problem Mr. Rich!

  • The animation system is quite limited at this stage, but do you have any further questions in particular about it?

  • To be honest I haven't played around with it enough to figure it out on my own (only because the inability to test run the layout)

    I saw a previous post that almost made it seem naming animation's (while being able to) doesn't yet work properly.

    Also I was a bit confused about the sub animations and their purpose (for organization reasons?) and how to have left/right directions for animations, do I use a condition to flip the frame or does construct automatically do this?

    Say I want standard animations: stopped, walk, jump, fall, attack and duck. Do I need to Make a group for each then have a sub animation for each angle/direction?

  • Construct's animation system works as so:


    --ANGLE (n degrees of 360)

    ----Animation frames

    ++[sub animations]

    You do not need sub animations for each angle. Sub animations are to my knowledge, and Ashley may elaborate later, for both organizational and conditional purposes much like sub events. Neither are necessary. The conditional aspect is that sub-anything relies on its parent being true or activated.

    The thing about Animation Names you read has to do with the "Animation is playing" event sheet condition not working at the time of this writing. This can be resolved with private variables, but is often unnecessary anyway.

    For 2D platformers and similar camera styles, the "Auto Mirror" setting within your sprite settings (when it's selected, appear to the left of the screen by default) will provide the left/right corrections as needed. You would only need to define either angle 0 (right) or 180 (left). This setting, like all similar settings, pertains to your animations globally. For example, switching between animations will always honor the horizontal movement of the sprite.

    Top-down views are different. For an Asteroids-type game, set your Rotation Variable to "N Angles" and define how many steps it may take, up to 360. You need only create one angle of any given animation and Construct will rotate it for you.

    For an on-rails shooter, like Gradius or Ikaruga, you may wish to lock your animation angle regardless of movement. For this, use "No Rotation."

    To answer your last question more succinctly, it sounds like you should use settings common to a platformer with "Auto Mirror" on and no rotation. After loading the keyboard/mouse object into your layout and setting a Behavior for your sprite you should quickly see that it is working largely the way you would expect.

    One final note and something that differs greatly from Multimedia Fusion, at this stage in development animation frame numbers are carried over between animations. I think this is cool, but there is no way to turn it off. When switching to an animation that is not analogous to the previous one, be sure you add the command "Set animation frame to ##" in your events.

    I hope this gets you started and helps you avoid the major undocumented pitfalls. If you encounter any trouble, feel free to upload your .cap file for us to look at.

  • Excellent explanation Captain Oblivious! Wow that sure cleared things up! Actually after reading this I can say Construct has a much better system for animation, surely the auto mirror is a great option to have!

    Perhaps you should post this in the construct wiki for animation?

    Really, I thank you so much, great help!

  • I'd have to clean it up and get some of those missing pieces cleared up first, but yeah I will consider posting that and more on the wiki.

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