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    This is the error that keeps popping up.

    Edit :

    <img src="">

  • Reason why im posting this here is because i cannot log into my sourceforge account.

  • the images aren't showing up for me. maybe dropbox is temporarily down?

  • If i try to run the game then i get this error message Runtime error : error loading "MENUBLOCK" (1813)

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  • post the cap

  • It does this now with every cap.It does not matter what game im trying to load it throws out this error and then it goes back to the editor.

  • Does it happen if you create a "New Direct-X game"?

  • It happens when i try to run the Direct X game.I know it's a runtime error and that it's definitely the app because iv'e run a complete system analysis on both my pc's and everything seems to be fine.Maybe something is wrong with the temp.exe or it's corrupt in some way but i have tested that and it does not seem to be corrupted.

  • What about when you create an application? As far as I know it doesn't use Direct-X so that could rule out DX. Have you tried a freshly installed version of Construct?

  • I get that error, as well as one called Appblock occasionally.

    Usually happens only when I first start up Construct, and run the first preview, or sometimes it happens when the system is taxed a bit, open browser, folders etc.

    Might try stopping everything else, and see if that helps.

    Also if you have an antivirus that does an active scan, its possible its causing things to load slow.

  • Got it!! .Thank you for all your suggestions and tips everyone but im one happy camper again.

    The memory app i killed was called dbx.exe Ive found the same program on both winxp and win7.Maybe it was some malicious app,Doubt if it was a virus though.All i know is that CS works again.

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