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  • i recently try to create a game similar to the Ghost tutorial.

    everything went fine until i hit a bug, wich one? i can't know so if anyone can help me out.

    First i got this warning message

    <img src="">

    but after i delete the latest image; wich i logically believe they were the one causing problem i got this.

    <img src="">

    i am mostly used to Debug with an IDE that higlight my where the bug was but here... i'm just stuck.

    Just for the record, i'm not a programming guru but more a graphic artist.

    Thanks in advance

  • i forgot to say i try to uninstall/resinstall and it did'nt solve my prob.

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  • Did you have two instances of Construct open at the same time? If you have two open, and run one, the other one wont' work anymore, saying an invalid texture was referenced. That's probably not it, but It might help.

  • The type of information we're looking for here is what you do that causes this crash. What series of events leads to this happening? To help out even further, it would be nice if you upload your .cap file for the devs to parse.

  • linkman2004: no i only have one instance of construct.i have 2 layout in the same construct .

    CaptainOblivious:thats what I'll try to do as soon I'll return from work.


  • Here the .CAP file

    it from megaupload. For those who dont know, its safe, just enter the letter-digit in the top right corner.

    If there any problem or you can suggest a better place to upload my file, i'm open to idea.

  • Ontopic:

    I get the crash too but I dont know what causes it, perhaps the ground sprite is too large?


    its safe,

    You sure of that? the code I had to type was KGB that, and it took forever waiting for the download

  • c'mon kamarad, KGB are friendly letter, here! have some vodka instead of worrying for nothing. ;D

  • Lol, not for me Comrade, im a bit young to drink alcohol

  • If you ever see either of these errors, save the .cap and upload it and let me know, and I'll take a look at what might be going wrong. Tomorrow I'll try and see what went wrong with your file.

  • Strangely i redo my .Cap with a smaller background and yeah it worked.

    but i'm not assure it as the tiledbackground fault.

    So here my .CAP again,

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