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  • I wanted to run my game, which has the resolution of 320x240, in a 640x480 window.

    So I set the window width + height to 640 and 480 and in the event sheet editor I added the following event:

    Start of application -> System: set Zoom to (200,200)

    which was the only way I could think of to get it to run in a double sized window.

    It kind of works, but the graphics are blurred now because of the zoom. And when I use scrolling it doesn't work at all anymore. It doesn't center properly on the sprite it's supposed to (which it just does fine without the zoom).

    So I was wondering if there was another way to get an application to run in a 2x window.

  • Just set the Sampling from "Linear" to "Point" and then use the event sheet like you showed.

    How to?

    Layout properties -> Application "Properties" -> Runtime Properties -> Sampling

  • Yes, as Doppel said you should set the sampling to point. That will take care of the blurriness.

    As for he rest, I've run into this exact problem with my game. I asked Ashley about the scrolling issue and he said that due to the way Construct scales things up it would be too hard to change, so he offered up a solution:

    Solution 1. You can check "Unbounded scrolling" in the layer properties.

    Problems with this solution:

    • This will make the outside of your level visible, so you have to fill it with graphics.
    • It also means that your player will be in the exact center of your screen at all times, even when at the edge of your level, because Construct is scrolling outside of your level.

    Solution 2: Make some extra space around the edge of your level to compensate for your zoomed screen size. Like this: Just make sure that Unbounded Scrolling is un-checked. This will make your screen scroll normally. If you want to see it in action, here's a demo of my game:

    Problems with this solution:

    • It makes your level bigger than it needs to be.
    • You will need to rearrange all your tiles.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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  • Thx for the quick answers guys!

    It's too bad that the scrolling won't work properly with the zoom without any workarounds. Would make things a lot handier.

    The 2nd solution seems to be the one of choice, so I will probably try that out.

    Btw nice game Deadeye... Little Hitler in Toyland, great title too!

  • Glad to help

    And yeah... the title was made with the Random Video Game Name generator. The game was going to be a competiton entry at TIGSource, but I didn't quite finish in time.

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