Rts Spawns remap?

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  • I'm getting some slow down when a newly created instance with the RTS behavior is spawned.

    So I was wondering if any one knew if its from the instance regenerating its own map, or if its possibly from the turret behavior adding targets?

    Keep in mind it only happens when I have many instances already created (25-50).

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  • I had this problem, so I created an event so my objects were only checking their path every 150ms (not all at the same time, that caused lag, I gave it a variable to countdown for the next "move to")

  • That kind of depends on how your doing your movements.

    In my case they are given a set amount of time to reach their destination before their told to move again.

    But that's not really what I was worried about, I was getting lag when I created a new instance, and my theory was that that creating an obstacle map was causing the lag.

    Actually what I've found is that using the "Solid" attribute for the map was really what was slowing it down.

    Just adding the object as an obstacle works much, much better.

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