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  • I'm asking a simple question, can construct create RPGs like zelda, chrono trigger, final fantas etc? My only question is, is how dialog would be handled, when you go up to an npc and oh hit A a dialog box with text will appear, letter by letter is standard basically.


  • Yes, it's very doable.

    Construct already has just about everything you would need to make an rpg like those.

    As to the dialog boxes, there are several different ways to handle it, but for a customization such as the letter drop, you would probably need to do some special coding.

    Actually that would make for a nice plugin addition.

    I should point out that an rpg would be a very labor intensive project, and since Construct is still in beta, it would be wiser to learn the basics till an official version is available.

  • RPGs are actually simple if you take it in steps.

    Battle system


    special effects


    then ya got the nast dialog....

  • Yes, Construct is capable of making an RPG. It's capable of making just about any genre of 2D game you can think of. It all depends on how much work you put in. Be prepared for at least several months of work.

    As for the text engine, PixelRebirth has made an example of one here:

  • Yeah that's what we need, a plugin that can have several different ways of doing text.

    Advanced stuff like spirals, following paths, etc.

  • Wow, never knew how difficult construct is, just actually opening the editor... kinda weird, good thing it's got python...

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  • It's not really all that difficult once you get used to it, especially compared to other similar game making programs. If you're used to those other programs though, it can be kind of tough to make the switch, at least for some people.

    Since you're new to Construct I recommend you go through the Ghost Shooter tutorial. It will teach you the basics.

    You can find it here: http://apps.sourceforge.net/mediawiki/c ... =Tutorials

  • Yea, I'm coming from Game Maker, so the editor is new to me.

  • LOL the playstation RPG Maker, oh boy those were the days...

    That thing was terrible!

    Anyways, as you know, making an rpg can be a very time consuming process, and it can be very complicated, depending on how you want the battle system to work, leveling, inventory, ect. I suggest to start with smaller mini rpgs to build yourself up. If you're new to Construct, you'll feel a bit overwhelmed with all the issues you'll come across, not to mention learning a new program trying to make a massive, complex game.

    But we're always here to help of course! I wish you luck!

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