How to rotate TiledBackground in the scene?

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  • Hi. I try to make isometric game with Construct, but faced with the problem - object "TiledBackground" doesn't rotate in this program. It can be done with conditions, but i can't build levels, because don't see results immediately, in the scene

    Please, say me, whether there is a option, which rotates tiled background in the scene? if not, could you do it?

    In this example you see that I have a wall image. I want to create an object Tiles and be able to rotate it to get this result directly in the scene, but not after running the application.

    <img src="">

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  • The only way to rotate the tiled background is to rotate the layer it is on. You can put it onto its own layer.

  • Thanks.

    But how to rotate the layer? ...

    We all hope that developers add function of rotating Tiled Background in the scene in new versions of Construct...

  • why dont u use a sprite instead of a tile, and why does it need to be rotated anyways, iso tiles arent rotated

  • I needed this too, turns out you can use sprite instead.

    Just use distort maps to scroll and scale and now your object is also a sprite, with all its perks

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