room transition little issue.

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  • Well I'm not too sure whats happening but this is my issue.

    i have a complex character, whose behaviors controls etc are all on a separate layout so i can simply add it to the layouts easily.

    Now, the controls etc work perfectly in any stage when I transition from the original sprites room. and to any other room their on out.


    when I crate my character from a spawn in preview layout where i'm spawning the character rather than having it in the layout at start up, none of my functions from the characters event sheet seem to work.

    even though if i come from a previous layout it works fine with the spawn system, but not if i run straight with the preview using the spawn rather than transitioning.

    Hope i explained that relitivley ok.

  • It should work fine if you copy the sprite from its original layout, and paste it into each layout you want it to appear. You can then tick destroy on start if your going to spawn it.

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  • hmm no that didn't work either. they are all global objects etc, unless i need to do something specific with the included event?

  • Global will place the object into every layout, and keep its status from the previous layout.

    So if the object was at 320x, 240y in the previous layout, global will place an instance of the object at those coordinates in the next layout.

    So global probably isn't what you want here.

    [quote:2cegx8do]unless i need to do something specific with the included event

    If your creating the object from events that are in that layout some how then no.

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