Rocket backpack

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  • Hi there, I'm trying to provide protagonist with a rocket backpack, but got stuck trying to achieve smooth transition from falling down to ascending. You can see the latest sample here

    I also tried arithmetic progression, turning gravitational vector upside down and using negative gravitation values. Could you suggest anything, please? It would also be great to have a look at a sample .CAP file to see how it can be implemented.

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  • With physics it's really easy to set up.


  • I forgot to mention that 70% of game time protagonist will travel on foot, that�s why I was trying to do this with platform behavior. Is there any way to do this in platform or how to set up platform behavior with physics?


  • Try this:

    + Sprite2: is on ground

    -> Sprite2: Set 'canUseJetpack' to 0

    + Sprite2: Pick by Sprite2[Platform].VectorY Greater than 500

    + Sprite2: is falling

    -> Sprite2: Set 'canUseJetpack' to 1

    + Sprite2: Value 'canUseJetpack' Equal to 1

    + MouseKeyboard: Key Z is down

    -> Sprite2: Set vertical speed to Sprite2[Platform].VectorY-6000*timedelta

  • I didn't comment the cap, but basically, when the jetman touches the ground, physics are destroyed and replaced by platform behavior. There are two variables in the "JetManAnim" sprite.

    "State" keeps track if the jetman is in the air or not

    "Cooldown" helps with the lift off, it waits for 1/2 second and than the platform behavior is turned off and replaced by physics.


  • R0J0hound,Noga Thank you a LOT!

    Both your variants are working just great. I have spent too much time trying to do this correctly by myself. Now I am happy)

    Thanks again!

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