Where is the resource Tab??

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  • Ok, before everybody blasts me out for asking such a thing, just read my post-

    i am using the 0.99.84 version

    i was making a puzzle platformer prototype and wanted to test how to add music to a layout(level) so i looked for that in the wiki and found a vedio tutorial on how to add Xadio2 object

    I download the tutorial and followed it but in the middle i found that there should be a "RESOURCE" tab with the project, animator and layers tab but it was missing, puzzled i looked on how to add it, but even if I tried to customize the "Quick Acccess Toolbar" but the resource tab was missing there too.

    I have 2 systems at home. a desktop and a laptop and construct is installed on both, both of them without the resource tab, I don't know how this has happened because I didn't play with the interface of the program.

    I even tried adding files in the Project Tab(since it also has ADD FILE option) but that didn't help because if I go to event sheet editor and using the XAudio2 object I try "add a sound from resource file" but the drop down menu doesn't have my added file.

    As a proof I have added the screenshot

    <img src="http://i841.photobucket.com/albums/zz339/abhilash2863/screen.jpg">

    EDIT: The pic is off, here is adirect link


  • The Resource tab was removed quite a few builds ago. You now add sounds to the folders in your Project tab.

    However, the Sound and Music folders are not yet 100% complete, so for now you have to add your sounds to the Files folder.

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  • ohh.....thanks for the help

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