[Resolved]Trouble in Layout Transitions/Navigation.

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  • Hi this is my first post on the forum even though I've been using construct for some months now.

    Been playing around with it quite a lot and I'm an addict.

    Nevertheless I'm arrived at some point where I get some strange bug.

    I have three layouts in my game. The first one is a "simple" splashscreen used to load the preferences and string datas of the game. It is not supposed to be used more than once.

    I've attached an eventsheet building the init functions to be used.

    I have a second layout acting as a menu, and the third layout is the actual game layout.

    I've used an event sheet and a function object in which I put most of my games progression/behavior.

    As I want it to go, Splashscreen is the first layout of the game, we go to the menu layout. From the menu we go to game. When the game is over (a race) we go back to menu.

    And frome menu we can go back to game, etc... back and force until the limit of 10 races is reached.

    The problem at the moment : When I try to launch the fourth race in a row (clicking the btnPlay in the menu layout "GUIScreen") the game crashes, and the debugger tells me that the crash comes from the plugin <System object>, 2nd event first action in splashscreen events.

    I don't call splashscreen, I call Racescreen (System-Go to layout, same function/action as the two times before it crashes ingame whereas it works for the two first times).

    I first have tried to put a transition "fade" and I ended up crashing the game too but the debugger told me this peculiar action was in cause.

    It looks like a bug in the "looping" transitions between two layouts, but I'm not sure, and I would like to have some of the devs advices.

    Also if any one experienced anything like this, please let me know.

    Note: I use the plugin MagicCam (only in the RaceScreen layout though, but the debugger didn't point it out as the source of the problem).

    I also have the pathmovement plugin, but don't use it in this game.

    Should I remove its csx from my folder when compiling this game, and putting the csx for the others projects that mght use it ? Is it irrelevant ?

    If I wrongly designed my code and that the error comes from it, please tell me how to correct this, and what is the right way to design it.

    It feels like I'm stuck by Construct and not my dev skills though and it is frustrating ^^

    Also as I consider using this soft in a commercial way (f2p) I'll be thankfull to you to avoid using graphics/ressources from it.

    You can use parts and inspiration from the code/design part though.

    Here you can download a .zip file containing my .cap and the two .ini that are used (one for the preference, the other for datas)


    I hope to have some returns on this issue as soon as possible.

    Should I report the bug on sourceforge ?


    Edit: Turn Lang to 0 in Runners.ini to put the game into english before launching it.

    There will be some missing datas (I haven't put them in yet) but nothing that should prevent the game from "working" ^^

  • Remove the transitions and see if the game still crashes. There are issues with the transitions, it is best not to use them. But before we get into alternative solutions for the transitions, let us see if they are the cause of the problem.

  • I did remove the transitions from the application property as you proposed and made sure there was no reference to transition in the calls.

    Unfortunately it still crashes. Debugger still calls for a system plugin crash launching an event in splashscreen events.

    Any other ideas ?

    On my side I'm trying a workaround with a reorganisation of datas through a hashtable instead of 3 tabs.

    Also I will avoid the use of a second ini object by loading the datas from a file directly into the hashtable.

    Might help tidying things enough to make the soft work.

    Before I added the splashscreen, the preferences were opened directly in RaceScreen layout and I could go for limitless races.

  • Uncheck "enable scripting" in the application properties and it won't crash. It is an error that is caused by python not getting initialized (no python scripts run) and 700 objects created.

    Nice game btw, reminds me of quibbles.

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  • Uncheck "enable scripting" in the application properties and it won't crash. It is an error that is caused by python not getting initialized (no python scripts run) and 700 objects created.

    Nice game btw, reminds me of quibbles.

    Totaly right. Unchecked the option and it worked like it use to.

    Thank you very much you've brightened my day ^^

    I've looked up a bit for quibbles and indeed there are similarities ^^

    I even was considering giving some bonuses for the player to use, a bit in the way it is done in quibble even if I never had heard of this game before.

    Well, the game system is fun, and the little "bet on races" I've made so far is funny and addictive imo. I'll keep working on it.

    Thank you again.

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