[Resolved] Possible Bug - Error with Sprite.CSX

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  • Hi guys,

    I've created a shmup game on a old build of construct which was going quite well until I encountered a problem when the player spawning bullets.

    It runs fine after awhile and after a few seconds (around 10-20) an error pops up regarding an error inside sprite.csx, pointing the problem to the player sprite, and the particular event that spawns the bullet.

    Determined to find the cause of the problem, I did the following:

    • Upgraded to the latest unstable build of Construct (0.99.85). I just recently found out that there was one.
    • stripped down the game until I only have the necessary objects to recreate the player spawning bullets
    • created new objects and re-encoded the necessary events
    • created another set of new objects, this time with simple sprites. And, again, redid the necessary events.

    Even with all the fixes above, I still get the same error!

    What I did next is I created a new project and redid the same setup. Surprisingly, it now works.

    Now the problem may have been fixed because I created a new project on the latest build of Construct. And the old project still has problems because it was created on a previous build. It seems that even upgrading construct, the problem still persists with the old project.

    Do you guys have any thoughts on how to fix this? I don't want to redo the whole game again on a new project, since I also want to know just what's causing this bug.

    Hoping you guys could help me. I really like Construct that I would still stick with it even with the problems I'm encountering.


  • Hi,

    I have exactly the same problem as you. Also have no idea how to solve the problem, but it seems like I have to re-make the game from scratch thanks to this bug.

    The bug only occurs for me when restarting a level.

    A crash inside a plugin's condition has been intercepted! This may be a bug in the plugin, or a problem in Construct. The application has exited. Available details of the location of the problem are below (this may be approximate)

    Plugin: Sprite.csx

    Object Name: Player

    Event 0 in event sheet Layout 1 events

    Condition 1

    Instance: -2147483647 (of 1)

  • Have encountered this two times on two different projects. Sadly, the solution for me was just to remake the whole game.

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  • Do you have the Application property "Enable Scripting" checked? That property should only be used if using python. If you aren't using python and that's enabled then construct will crash if ~ 700 objects are created without running any python scripts.

  • Oh yes! I finally remembered! The problem was caused by the Enable Scripting option checked!

    I encountered the problem so long ago that I forgot that I found a fix for it from another thread. Sorry, guys.

  • I never had scripting enabled...

    Solved problem by deleting sprites and starting over.

  • Try checking if you have placed some python scripts on your event sheet.

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