[Resolved] Ideas for making a barrier of Space Invaders

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  • Hi all,

    Me and my friends are making a Space Invaders remake using Construct. So far we are getting success, the game is almost done and we were able to build it without using any coding so far.

    But, we've get stucked while making the barriers that stays in front of the player spaceship. When colliding, we're not sure how to make the collision point of the barrier disappear, only the entire barrier sprite at once.

    Anybody has any idea of which Construct tool or technic can be used to make only a portion of the sprite disappear and make only that point not collide, and keep the rest of the sprite appearing and colliding?

    Thanks a lot for the help and sorry for my bad english.


  • You could use canvas object and make it "destructible" like in this example ,I hope that it will help.

  • Hi Bricktop,

    We'll try to make the barrier destructible by following the example on the topic that you mentioned, and post here the results. But, looking the results that the guys there have, it'll probably work for us.

    Thanks a lot for your help!


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  • Just to help who's trying to make something like this, following the example below we were able to get it done:


    Thanks for the help

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