[Resolved] Black screen

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  • Hi all,

    Well, today I have a serious problem with my finished Construct Classic game.

    The problem is that my game don't want to play, when I start the EXE I get a black screen, and nothing other, just a black screen.

    I've tried to update my DX but all seems to be updated.

    What's the problem ?...

    I'm working on Windows 7.

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  • how about posting a cap?


    ...well, or just more information about your game. is multismapling or motion blur activated? are you using effects that might cause hiccup? python?

  • Well, no, my game don't uses any multisampling effects, and there's no Motion Blur.

    The scripting mode is not activated, so there's no python.

    EDIT: <font color=green>Problem resolved !</font>

    The problem was with the "Eye Distance (3d)", I don't why, but the value was changed. The value was 0 instead of 500...

    Stange, so I've restored the value to 500 and <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Thanks for the help anyway.

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