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  • Hey everyone, great product, great site.

    I had a question regarding the graphical possibilities and resolution that Construct can handle. I'm used to being restrained to 8bit, 256 color sprites. I'm thinking this isn't a problem considering the particle and plasma objects (and some of the opacity options I've seen). And to go along with this, what is the maximum display resolution? I tried searching thru some of posts but couldn't find what I was looking for, thanks in advance for the help.


  • Well, technically you could go higher than 1920x1080 HD resolution, if your monitor supports it, but I don't see why you'd want to.

    As for sprites, they're 32bit, iirc (24 bits for color info and 8 bits for alpha). Someone correct me if I'm wrong.


    Oh, and before you get all graphics-happy, you should read up on optimization on the wiki: ... ation_tips

    Just because you can make huge sprites doesn't necessarily mean you should.

  • Fullscreen, 32bit.

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  • "Fullscreen" doesn't really describe the display resolution

  • I'm saying it's only limited to the resolution of your display, which probably would have been a better way of saying it, and is exactly what you said....yeah alright.

  • Good stuff, thanks again for the help. I'll take a look at the optimisizing, I really don't plan on getting too crazy, no real need to. Just wanted to break out of the mold from 8bit. Not that its terrible or anything, its just nice to know we could produce something a little more detailed. Thanks again, hopefully I can contribute to the community.

  • FYI Construct converts all your graphics to 32-bit ARGB, so even if you do use 8 bit/low colour graphics, it gives you no memory or performance advantage because they're still loaded as 32-bit ARGB.

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