Resizing plasma.

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  • I have a black screen with a plasma fire in the middle. Some gaming is going to take place around the fire and as you progress the flame should slowly grow from very tiny to pretty huge.

    Question is: What is the best way of making the flame grow. I've tried just changeing the width/height, and it looks right, but it seems like the source is resizing in a different way then the box, so eventually it moves out of the box.

    I don't understand the plasma object fully yet, so if there's some other method of making the fire bigger feel free to suggest them.

  • You could try increasing the X and Y speed of the plasma. Can't really say without seeing what you're going for, though

  • I'm basically going for a larger fire. Increasing the speed only stretches it on the length if I'm not mistaking. But maybe that combined with changing the transparency. Well, I'll try some more, but if anyone understands how to work around the weird resizing let me know.

  • well, it depend where you placed the Hotspot,

    if the hotspot is placed at 0,0 the resizing wil take effect from 0,0 but if you have a 128x12 sprite,i suggst you to place the Hotspot in the middle so that the resising start from the middle like


    Good Luck

    hope it helped.

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  • But we're not talking about a sprite here... the hotspot for the box of the plasma object can't be moved, and how the source is resized doesn't seem to depend on the hotspot.

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