Required CC redistributables?

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  • Hi!

    I know that Directx and VC2005 must be installed to run Scirra Construct Classic - but is VC2005 required to play Scirra Construct Classic games?

    I'm asking because my game right now on Steam installs both DirectX (June 2010) and Visual C++ (2005) redists but I don't know if I'm making my costumers download unnecessary stuff (VC).

    Redists make download of my game much bigger than it should be (a 20 Meg game - but actual download on Steam is more than 100 due to these extra files). It would very good news if someone at Scirra could clarify if VC is mandatory or not.

    Thank you very much!

  • They add dll files needed by the runtime to run. Without them you'd get an error.

    That said, not all the dll in the redistributes are needed. You can look at your game exe with something like "dependency walker" to see all the dlls it uses. Notably the dx vs dlls are the one's you could bundle. Unless of course those dlls need some other dll.

    Try this:

    Put your game on a machine where you haven't installed those redists (hopefully nothing else has already or you'll miss stuff). Next, try and run the game and it will complain about a missing dll. Find that dll on another machine you have already installed the redists on, and copy it over to the same folder as your game. Then try running the game again and repeat till the game runs. All the dlls you copied over should be all you need to bundle with your game to run without the redists.

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  • Thanks for your reply! =)

    In fact I only need to upload my game (.EXE + all game files) to Valve/Steam (no DLLs and files like this).

    When I'm logged to their system then I can choose which redists users need to install before playing.

    Right now I've checked two redists (DirectX and Visual C++) as extra downloads. I just need to know if I can uncheck Visual C++ or if it's mandatory to CC games.

    But OK, I'll keep both redists marked until I find a way to make tests. Thanks again!

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