[REQUEST] Spawning enemys

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  • Well...

    I have a project of platform shooters...

    And, I've found a problem, I don't know how to create a variable of health for the enemys, and, when they die, respawn in a random place.

    I could do that, respawn in a place, but it isn't random, the new enemy can't die, I think that this is a problem of the variable...

    Could somebody help me?

    Here is the .cap



  • The only problem I see is that the enemy spawn isn't random. The new enemy does have health and does die. Because you create a new enemy, you need to click to a different list and back again when debugging.

    One way to make a random respawn is to simply move the enemy to a random X and Y and refill the health. I don't know how to add image points to a layout, so using a random generator there doesn't help.

    Edit: You may want to work on how the player's bullets interact with the player. I was able to jump and shoot myself. It didn't cause damage, but I can't shoot an enemy below me.

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  • TORK:

    I moved your first thread here from the Tutorials subforum, but I see you've already made another so I just deleted the old one. Just in case you're wondering where it went.

  • Amm Thanks...


    I made this post in another subforum, and somebody said me that was in the wrong forum...

    So, I created this here...

    Thanks for delete

    PD: I tried with X: random (360), Y: random (360)

    But, the enemy appear in any place... Into a wall... o.O

    And... another Question...

    If I put the enemy with the behavior "Platform", i can manage it... How can I fix that?

    I want that they be affected by gravity.


  • Set the controls to Player 2 (up to 10 as long as you aren't using it), then under the start of layout ignore control. You find that under Sprite > Platform tab.

  • :O Thanks!!!

    Really thanks, I could fix that...

    But, the enemy try to Hit me, when they would try to shoot me...

    Can somebody helpme v?a mail?

    Please MP...

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