[REQUEST] Beam Object Plugin

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  • For easy lasers/beams creation.

    Basicly just take "title background" object and enable it to rotate. Sounds simple eh?

    Well then if the creator would also add animation option or/and offset control.

    Seeing how many space games are in creation these days(with my on top ) i belive much more then just me would be greatful.

    But this "beam object" use would be much more wide then just plain lasers.

    Just think of it please.

  • Like this?


    Or if you want it to tile you can use a distortmap "lerpin" U/V.

  • ahh i know this technique Newt quite well

    even more. For a nice laser with set end and start you can use panel object and the effect will be even better. For vertical or horizontal shooters you can use just good old tile bg object and it has great effect.

    not only the pattern if seamless is being smothly copied, but if you apply warp effect + progresive offset scrolling you will get something really amazing. almost like animation.

    But thats not the point.

    Theres no method that makes the laser really good. Nothing you seen from all that shooters.

    And if you want to have high quality laser in your game theres lots of thinking needed.

    For something that can be simple and easy. Just that.

    Look at the current objects CC has.

    Vector? Portal Math? bar chart? print? zip? card game?> profiler?

    Anybody ever used these in a serious project?

    if they are there - why not beam object? something that would be actualy useful.

    The whole point of Construct existance is to make life of non-programers gamedevs easier.

    I belive that "beam object" plugin would do just that.


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  • What do you mean by "high quality laser" ?

  • That's just special effects and maybe some math and knowledge of sin/cos.

    <img src="file:///C:/Users/Azu/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot.png" border="0" /><img src="file:///C:/Users/Azu/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot-1.png" border="0" /><img src="http://www.rpgfan.com/pics/disgaea2/ss-608.jpg" border="0" />

    Like this. It basically a laser with additive blend and either a black alpha or red subtract blend.

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