Reproducible Bug? (Runtime Crash)

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  • I've managed to reproduce a runtime crash in my game twice already (it's very tedious to reproduce it so I'm not going to try a 3rd time unless it's really needed). I'm not sure if this is a bug with Construct or with the sprites I'm using or some other reason.

    This is the "stable" .cap file without any crashes.

    The crash comes when I add in 1 particular new sprite (Weapon1UpgradePowerup), and the events associated with it (everything under the comment "Powerups").

    To reproduce the crash, just shoot the powerup when it appears, then shortly after this when the next powerup is due to spawn, the game crashes.

    Basically, to reproduce the crash, all I did was to take the "stable" .cap file in the 1st link above, then add in the "Weapon1UpgradePowerup" sprite and all the events under the comment "Powerups". The result is the 2nd cap file above. And I have done this twice already to confirm it. So this is a systematic problem, not a randomly occurring bug.

    I don't know what is wrong though or how to solve this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Note: For the Controls: A to move clockwise, D to move anticlockwise, numpad4 to shoot. The only collisions implemented so far are those involving the Weapon1UpgradePowerup sprite.

  • EDIT:

    Get rid of the OR conditions in events 28,29. OR causes problems so you need to rework your events so it's not used.

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  • So the OR condition is buggy?

  • Yep.

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