How to reference specific objects

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  • Probably the vaguest topic title ever , but I'm constantly getting this problem.

    Whenever I get an object such as bullet , I want it to spawn a glow sprite around it to give it a tracer effect. However , if I do this , it'll follow the bullet , stay , and wait for another bullet . If I increase the firing of the bullet , the light will then quickly move to the last bullet fired after it is destroyed.

    What can I add in to the event , so it basically goes "THAT bullet will spawn THIS light and THIS light will follow THAT bullet" instead of " THAT bullet will spawn THIS light and lights will follow bullets"


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  • Use a container chap. Select the bullet, add the glow into its container, this will create and destroy them together, then all you need to do is add a line saying -Always - set glow position bullet.X bullet.Y.

    So yeah, you will only need to create and destroy the bullet and it will bring and take the glow with it.

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