For some reason, my ship is invisible.

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  • I've been working on this game for a few days. This is actually the third version of it. I'm having problems because, for some strange reason, my ship is completely invisible this time around.

    I checked, and it doesn't have the Invisible on Start box checked. What could be the problem?


    The ship is called Pixel.

    EDIT: Name changed to be more informative.

  • Delete event 10

    Your event sheet is a complete mess, doesn't look like you know what you're doing. Have you just started using the program? Check out this list. You'll find there many examples and tutorials. Or you could try Construct 2, free version for experimenting is more than enough, it has it's own manual here, where you can learn basics, how events, actions, event sheet etc. work. Than you could go back to Construct Classic, it's works almost the same as C2, or buy a full version.

  • Thanks! And yes, I did start using it recently. Actually, three days ago, although I downloaded it before that.

    It's a complete mess? Well, whenever I used sub-events the thing broke. After fixing the ship destruction thing (what a dumb mistake!)I went in there and figured it out.

    Is this better?


  • You can remove private variables from "Block" and "VerticalLine"(they don't do anything, what you've wanted to do with them?), than delete events 7 and 3.

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  • I had the private variables because I'd never attempted to create a background like that before, and at first it was the only limiting factor that prevented the blocks and lines from spawning infinitely. Evidently it doesn't need them with the destroy actions I inserted.

    The first three versions of the background (before I inserted the destroy actions) actually crashed my computer. I took me 6 hours to do that, and you fixed it's problems with two suggestions. Thanks!

    Also, what do you think of the background? Would the blocks be better larger, or smaller?

  • Have you seen this tutorial? It could help you with your project, it's well documented and explained, have fun learning Construct.

  • Thanks!

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