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  • Is there any way to have a random number between say 10 and 20? (for dammage calcs, and stuf)

    Is there a way to randomly generate a topdown shooter level? (and a way to get ai to work with it)

    Is there a way to reandomly generate a dungeon?

    And most important of all of my questions so far (because i want to try and do it first) is there a way to randomly generate a side view mountain/plain that is destructable?

    Off subject, how do you work .Ini handling for saves and such?

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  • 1st question Yes Random(10)+10 will return a random value between 10 and 20.

    2nd and 3rd Yes but you have to program it if you are looking for dungeon algorithms and such look up rouge.

    what are you trying to save in the .ini file? (levels, game state etc...)

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