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  • Hello. First off, I would just like to state how much of an amazing utility Construct appears to be. After many false starts at creating a game (from my chosen utility being either too complex to learn or too simplistic in functionality), I have finally have settled on Construct, which seems to be just right. Anyway, enough lauds. What I am trying to create (an RPG-type game) requires the generation of a random world, and I'm wondering: how would I go about implementing this using Construct?

  • If you have any programming skills, you could develop a plugin for random world building and such. Or you could just build a whole sheet of mind-boggling logic that does the same and then eventually - when that is supported - copy the sheet between projects.

    In short, yes, it is very much viable!

  • Just use the random() expression. I guess a basic place to start would be, for example, to repeat 100 times an event that places a tree at a random X/Y co-ordinate, and so on.

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  • Yeah random works well for this you could set the random to random (50) for x, and random (10) for y.

    That would get you a row of random objects, or random(300) +50 for x, and random (300) +10, for another row in another spot.

  • I see. So random() is my best bet... or making a plugin of my own?

  • Well, you have to define the rules (on the paper), then try to figure out how to transform them into events. Yes, you can use Random(), you can control it too if you use dungeon building rules (i.e. room sizes, overlapping etc.).

    Look at other dungeon generating algorithms for examples.

  • you dont need a plugin at all for this, just think about it, i believe newt had made an example of this somewhere

    i dont suggest starting a huge rpg as your first project, maybe just make a single area, with items and a few attacks, to learn construct.

  • Yeah for procedural dungeon creation, basic one is dig a hole, pick a wall, dig out that wall, pick another wall, if nothings on the other side dig out that wall.

    If it were possible to get color info you could just create an image and use that as a map.

  • I see. That sounds easy enough (sort of). Where would I be able to find this example that you speak of?

  • Research "roguelikes" for plenty of dungeon generation examples

  • Here's a cap with a really simple generator. A word of caution, its really easy to send the program into a endless loop doing it this way.

    I would have set it to find the last sprite placed, but evidently I'm too stupid to remember.


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