How to make a random name generator?

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  • Anyone have any ideas for making a random name generator? Not sure how I'd do it. I don't mind if the names sound stupid, as long as they're readable (not something like "Dfftbm").

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  • I'd create several arrays with :

    • consonant and vowels for the first letter
    • consonant only
    • vowels only
    • several consonants to follow other consonants (h, etc.)
    • several vowels to follow other vowels (to get "ae" etc.)

    Then i'd use a random iteration value between 5 and 10 (rnd(6) +5 with floor) to count the letters and use it as the number of iterations of a loop. Then you generate random numbers that pick a letter each time in one of your arrays and check if the last generated letter is a consonant or a vowel. Dunno if it's the best way but with some exceptions you might be able to get cool names.

  • You could do something like a title. Just have a database of names, and a database of adjectives.

    Something like:

    John the brave

    Mike the flatulent

    Joe the weird

  • Thanks for the ideas!

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