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  • In my less than infinite wisdom, I've decided to try to tackle some random map making events.

    Im sure everyone knows the generic dig a random hole, pick a random wall of the hole, if nothings there, dig another hole.

    Im assuming this could be done using the system's create object relative to object, then you would have to create quadrants or sides of the object in a variable, then have it pick a side randomly and place it if nothings there.

    The problem is I'm having a time figuring out how to place the loops. You would need 1 loop to say how many holes you need all together, then another to pick the side.

    Any insight anybody?

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  • you talking about top down maps? be more specific

  • Yeah, top down. Being specific its like a maze, or dungeon type of map, but I've already concluded that you could "skin" it, or give it walls by using the system create object relative to object call.

    The math is easy, its just the implementation that I cant figure out.

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