Ragnarok Online like movement

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  • So I was trying to mimic the ragnarok online game movement system, pretty much similar to Diablo and etc. I just can't seem to find how to change the sprite animation whenever the player's collision box moves in a 45/90/135/etc... or so movement.

    Right now, its stuck in a 45 degree movement even if the character is walking backwards and stuff. You can even do the moon walk with it woot! Still, I tried searching here, and found something about the preference section or something about it. Problem is, I cant find it in the Layout editor.

    So here's my .cap thing: http://www.mediafire.com/?jzmygzmjmfr

    Thanks in advance guys!

    BTW, can Construct do AI stuff? I mean advance AI stuff?

  • you could do something like this for changing the player's animation angle:

    <img src="http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1024727/images/angle.PNG">

    what I did was make some subevents, which use the system condition "compare" then I just compared the angle of RTS motion to check whether it was between 0-90 etc.

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  • The animator will take care of most of it, but in order to have eight direction movement, you need to have eight different angles. Also you should limit the number of angles in preferences to eight.

    Check out the Ghost shooter tutorial it will cover the basics of where the layout editor is.

    [quote:103paprj]BTW, can Construct do AI stuff? I mean advance AI stuff?


  • I see, well I guess those codes did some magic in it. Although the sprite still "kinda" rotates a little before going to the spot where I clicked my mouse. So how do I fix that? BTW, in the .cap that I uploaded, I've only imported some sample sprites with different angles just for testing. So yeah.

    I'm gonna check the ghost shooter (again). Maybe I forgot some stuff to look there. Thanks again for the help guys. The truth is, me and my pals are gonna use Construct for our "Agent - Based AI through RPG" thesis. Thats why I need to cover most or all of the basics before December.

  • Construct can support advanced AI algorithms if you can code them. Since AI algorithms are often designed and displayed as flow charts, I am pretty sure that you can implement anything in Construct with its events alone. All it takes is advanced eventing knowledge (the tricks and stuff).

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