r2: xbox controller doesn't talk to controls?

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  • Hello!

    I've recently installed CC r2 and realized the xbox controller controls didn't work correctly anymore. The character still moves around, but no animation would be called. It'd just remain in Idle pose.

    After running a few tests it seems as though the xbox controller in some ways doesn't talk to the controls anymore, in the sense that I have to check if the joystick is pressed, rather than just checking if the control state is active, which used to work universally for the controller and the keyboard.

    Now it's either one or the other. I haven't found a way to support both like before.

    This seems weird especially since the controls can be mapped in the xbox controller property panel. I've searched around for similar problems the only change I found was the addition of a dead zone (which doesn't seem to change anything even when I crank it to 1) which makes me think maybe I'm doing something wrong.

    Well anyway, check it out if you're interested;

    THanks a lot!

  • can't post dropbox links anymore? it says it's going to ban me... :S

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