"RPG" combat

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  • So I would need some help with different kind rpg combat.

    You have max 6 members in your group and they can be Melee, Support or Ranged.

    Melees would be in one line first, support / ranged behind them and after them there is you the commander.

    Melees can attack only straight to melees but not behind them. Rangers can shoot over melees. Support would heal and cast buffs. The commander cant be attacked before melees/ranged/support are all dead.

    So basically you would have 3 lines of soldiers and enemy too, unless your group is total melee or total ranged. And some bosses/special characters have special powers that they can use sometimes, example AoE damage or massive damage to single char. Same works for you when you get more abilities.

    Idea is the combat is automated but you can give 3 kind of orders to your group.

    Attack stance -> X + To attack, X - To Defence

    Defence stance -> X - To attack, X + To Defence, melees can block wider area.

    Normal stance -> Nothing.


    Now Im just confused how I should do this?

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  • I think the rts behavior can do all this, but it would take a lot of wrangling on the events.

    Probably more than you should mess with pre beta imho.

    If you want to play with stuff to see how it would work out, I would suggest for your melee characters you set the range to 1, then on the on shoot event you could have it change animation. Then for the hit you could work out some probability of a hit. To prevent the melee's from attacking over one another, use the rts condition object to avoid.

    Your ranged should be pretty straight forward, but you might want to add some event that makes them move away from targets then fire.

    Same goes for support, and commanders.

    One thing to consider is the type of view your dealing with, if this is top down, then no problem.

    If you want something like side view or isometric, things will get a little tricky with z order.

  • 1. Type the combat rules down, e.g. what can melee or ranged hit, how do they move etc.

    2. Create a rough outline of combat, i.e. how is it executed, step by step.

    3. Look at both 1&2 and you should get an idea how to implement the combat system.

    4. Once you have a general idea, it is fairly simple to convert rules into Construct events.

    So, in short, you have to plan it out. You have to define the combat procedure and rules, just "Three melee, three ranged and three support duke it out with the enemy and uber bosses" is not enough. Sit down with a pen, think on it hard - start with first, simple steps - and note down anything that comes to your mind.

    • how many combatants are there?
    • how does the combat execute? In turns? One by one? Simultaneously? In real time with 'action points'?

    And so on.

  • 4. Once you have a general idea, it is fairly simple to convert rules into Construct events.

    5. Than amke some test and think what could be done better, and after few days do it from scratch.

  • That is why I test each feature or idea out in the 'sandbox' cap before I proceed with implementation.

  • If I have sometime I translate full combat.txt to english(Im from Finland and friend created this and gave to me so I could do it)

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