"Out of memory" issue

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  • Hi All,

    I am a new to Construct Classic and facing some strange issue:

    When I try to preview my Layout I receive "Out of memory" error.

    My project yet not so big (2 levels + menu, 85MB on disk), but when I open it in construct it takes about 800 MB of RAM.

    I use only small sprites (256x256), but still it doen't solve the problem.

    I'm planning to create a game with 30-40 errors, but now I just doesn't understand if Construct can handle this kind of projects.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Projects on disk are compressed. When images are loaded into memory, they are uncompressed and therefore take up more memory. It doesn't matter if your images are 256x256, if you have enough of them they'll still take up a lot of ram.

    Also, don't use construct classic for medium to large projects. It has problems with them. Use C2 instead.

  • Another question is, are you using duplicate/clones (same looking sprite with different name) or just a lot of 256x256 graphics that are unique? If they are clones, then it loads the image into VRAM for every sprite, even if they are the the same image.

    C2 is better for large projects, but odds are this issue is a VRAM usage issue if it's only two levels and a menu (are they big levels?)

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