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    I hate to bring this up again but the 4-direction movement behavior still doesn't work properly.

    It was suggested before that there was something wrong with my events but the above .cap has no events at all.

    The problem is that if you are holding down either the left or the right key and then press up or down at the same time your sprite halts it's horizontal movement and begins moving vertically. This only happens when you are moving horizontally. If you are holding either the up or down key and then press left or right at the same time you continue moving vertically as you should.

    The 8-direction movement works just fine.

  • Looks like a bug that should be reported, if it hasn't already been.

  • I reported it on the tracker last year and it was declared fixed, but it still seems to have the same problem. I'll report it again.

  • Note that it could be a keyboard problem.

    Most keyboards are wired in such a way that you can't detect certain key combinations, in particular keys that are nearby. Thats why I used to play with keypad for right hand, as it's wired separately to the rest.

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  • Note that it could be a keyboard problem.

    I suppose it's possible...

    I tried using the keypad instead of the arrow keys and it still has the same problem, but I'll try a different keyboard to see if that fixes it.

    I doubt it, though... since up/down movement doesn't have the problem.

  • Not sure if it's worth bumping this for such a simple solution, but...

    The problems is just that when you are holding left/right and then press up or down your sprite's angle doesn't change to match the new direction, so just add "if key left arrow is down" and "if key down arrow is down", set sprite's angle to 90 (do the same with the right arrow). And then "if key left arrow is down" and "if key up arrow is down" set sprite's angle to 270 (again, the same for the right arrow).

    Quick and embarassingly easy. Sorry for bugging you about it, Ashley.

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