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  • I was adding some new enemies to my enemy spawning group by copy pasting an old enemy spawning event, then changing the objects to the new enemy.

    Well, apparently this is a bad idea because every time I tried to load that enemy the game would crash. After trying a few things I decided to redo its spawning events from scratch, and suddenly it works.

    This has happened before in the past. Even if the (copy/pasted/edited) event is perfect, it won't work or will crash the game. Re-writing it from scratch in the exact same way fixes it.

    Any chance this can be looked into or is it another thing we'll have to live with? :<

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  • I've had the same problem. It can be really annoying as it looked it should work, but for some reason didn't and than after countless tries and hair pulled, deleting and creating it again worked. Fortunately, last time it happend was in 99.96 or 97.

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