" - as a text, not as an operator of Construct

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  • Hello!

    Can anyone help me?

    There is an object Text. And i need to set text of this object to "Grey" - is the mixed color "Black" and "White"

    So, I need to get text with ". The problem is that Construct understand " in this text as the operators...

    If there are some special combinations like \" in C++...

    Please help me

  • Double



    The wiki linked in the 'Read this first' thread at the top of this forum has a list of such system expressions

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  • [s:22spjlle]Well... I've tried using double ", but when i paste ""White"" Construct understand White as an operator...

    I've already tried to use double "", but it didnt work correctly...

    I feel stupid, cause its very easy, but I cant find correct de?ision =)[/s:22spjlle]

    buddy40, thank you very much =)))

  • Sorry, my mistake,

    Yeah, its double quotes to add a quote to a string, but the string still needs to be surrounded by quotes.

    "So this would be a string, and the word ""white"" would have quotes around it"

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