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  • I'm making side-scroller.

    When player falls in the pit I want to restart level (layout). I use quick-saving for this. I quick-save the game when layout starts and later just use the quickload to restart the layout.

    However, once I quickload the state, all "Every X milliseconds" events stop working. The moving platforms do not move. However, they start moving after some time. But the delay isn't supposed to be there.

    How to solve this?

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  • Can you reproduce this in a new .cap with as few events and objects as possible? Then if you put it on the tracker, I can see if it can be fixed.

    Alternatively you could try a 'Go to layout' action with the same layout number to restart the layout. (even if that works, reporting a bug for the quicksave thing would be good so it can get fixed)

  • I'll put it on a tracker as soon as I can. I rewrote the CAP so it uses TimeDelta now, though. I'll try to reproduce the original bug.

    Also, positioning and flashing do not work after quickloading. That's very very weird. I also noticed that number of instances are increased for one upon quickload. I am not sure this is desired effect.

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