How is quicksave supposed to work?

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  • I tried to use it to save a layout, leave to another layout and then return to the first one and see it as I left it when I load it, but quicksave/quickload only works if I load the same layout I am in, it does not work if I load a quicksave from another layout, is this how it's supposed to work? or is it a bug?.

  • Quicksave/load just saves and loads to memory temporarily. Use the regular save/load which saves to a file instead if you want to keep things. Consider the quicksave/load as more of a checkpoint type thing rather than a full save.

  • Thanks a lot for the quick response. I'll save to disk then.


    I case anyone else Is having problems with this, I had some crashes while trying to save while at the same time a TIMER was active, so I downloaded version 0.99.83 of Contruct and the problems was solved.

  • Don't use the built in save/load if you want storyline or environmental persistence across layouts. You'll have to come up with a method using files or global variables for that. save load just takes a memory snapshot of the game and loads everything back the way it was (or at least in theory, since it's incredibly buggy and not worth using atm). Making persistence across layouts requires a lot of planning and work, just a heads up.

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  • I'd use global variables and a seperate save file.

  • Thanks both, I created a new thread with this same issue.


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