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  • Is it possible to use construct in a way so that you can make a program which uses the internet in a game or a messenger service.

    how do you create an installer it just doesn't work and python coding do you need that for distributing, i'm conused

  • There's no 'real' (socket) internet plugin as of yet. You could probably make a primitive chat program or something with HTTP and a web server, but you're probably best off waiting until someone makes one.

    For distribution, just hit 'Export to EXE' in the 'Project' tab. You only need to enable the Python checkbox if you've used Python in your game, if you haven't, don't check it. Hit next, press browse, choose a location for the EXE. (Personally, I wouldn't bother with the 'Create Installer' feature, I'd just put all the files in a .zip and upload that. Haven't tried the installer so can't help with that I'm afraid.) Hit Finish. Oh, and welcome to the forums

  • but when i put it on a site and my friend downloaded it he had 2 intall direct x and construct (direct x i can understand but why do you need construct to play the game

  • why do you need construct to play the game

    You don't. You only need Construct to make and edit .cap files.

    You do need (specifically) the August 2008 release of DirectX 9.0c to play Construct .exe's. That release has DX files that Construct uses that Microsoft decided not to release in later versions of DX. So even if they already have DX9.0c, have them install this version. Just make sure you have a note in a readme or something to let people know if the game doesn't run they need to update, and give them that link.

  • but my friend does it came with the direct x which he intalled to play it

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  • My guess is that your friend did not have the proper DirectX, even if he thinks he did.

    When he installed Construct, it gave him the proper DirectX.

  • ok so will there be a news report if it does have an online thingy

    'cus wouldn't it be good if you could create a game like battlefield heroes

  • [quote:2lvi895r]'cus wouldn't it be good if you could create a game like battlefield heroes

    <img src="">

  • Did you upload a .exe to your site or the .cap?

  • all of it the .exe the .cap and all the pictures and files

  • What was he trying to run? the cap or the .exe

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